New Edition - Eyeware

As we celebrate in the new year, OptoMedicine announces the new edition of the computerized vision therapy and distance services - EyeWare, with new design and new features.

The new edition will shorten the services process for the health care team and for the users, also our new edition will allow us to provide more services for more new user in the same time.

We developed new examinations that allow the health care teams to measure the degrees of vision performance in a modern new system.

Enjoy the vision care with our services.

Technical Notes & Requirements

Technical Notes & Requirements for our applications:
1- Our applications only work with Microsoft Windows.
2- Our application DOSE NOT support the smart phones and tablets.
3- You need internet connection to receive and run the application for the first time but don't need the internet to run the application later.
4- Our applications is designed only for one computer screen and for one user.
5- Our application may be harmful if used in inappropriate way.


About Optomedicine

Is a professional team for distance technology development and management services. We design applications to serve the eye health field by using optometry techniques, in order to save money, efforts and time between the medical team and the patients.

Today Optomedicine's designs and applications serve the users from 38 countries, and facilitate them to improve their visual abilities, and ease their visual diseases while they are setting in their homes.
From Tunisia, Optomedicine established the regional services for Europe, Middle East and Africa, while Optomedicine name was announced for the first time in Palestine in 2010 as an innovative idea of a project created by the founder of Eye Medical Center . The project was incubated by "Mobaderoon Entrepreneurs Project" that existed at IUG and executed by PICTA that granted by welfare association and funded by ِArab Fund for economic and social development in the same year.

The idea has succeeded and grown after the incubation, After that the independent team of Optomedicine was recognised by Eye Medical Center to develop distance electronic-visual applications for the amblyopia and squint patients, and this applications was applauded by the arabian public

The team is consisted of creative youth in the fields of: computer science and IT, commerce and economy and accounting science, foreign relations and languages, In addition to exclusive optometry and scientific experience of the founder of Eye Medical Center.



Welcom to Optomedicine blog!

Our eHealth distance services and Global Health technology in the eye care field will change your view of the future.

Now and from your home at any country or state of the arab world, you can recieve our novel services of the vision and eye care technology. This new technology that was invented and developed in 2010, has opened the door for the users to have distance visual exams and distance vision therapy for various visual system disorders and diseases.

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